The Assignment

This series of three illustrations was created to illustrate a series of two investigative articles published in Italian, English and Czech. The intent of the investigation is to analyze the influence of the far-right conspiracy theories of the American origin of QAnon (and its various and multifaceted declinations) both in the adjacent environments in the Old Continent, and in unsuspected ones, such as wellness or even antithetical to the extreme right, such as moderate or extreme left environments, mainly conveyed in the undergrowth of the internet, made up of small communities that have their largest share on Telegram.


Given my propensity for the grotesque and the dark, it was decided to focus on a detailed style composed of a main color (red).

The Reserach

For the realization of the three illustrations I have thoroughly used all the material made available to me (mainly chat screens and groups, in addition of course to the written material produced by the journalists themselves). Since this is a convoluted and complicated issue, direct confrontation with the journalists themselves during various meetings was fundamental.

View of the Italian version of the article