Hello humans!
I'm Enzo Triolo and I'm a freelance Digital Artist based in Siracusa (Italy).

I work as a freelance Visual Artist since 2014, so more or less eight years of experience. Recently (2021-2022) I worked with the Italians Stormind Games and Red Raion on the Award-winning game Batora - Lost Heaven (videogame) as a Storyboard Artist and many VR films for the entertainment industry as both storyboard artist and concept artist. I work with an italian publishing house too (Tora Edizioni) as Illustrator, graphic novel author and art director.

During the years I developed a good sense of problem solving (as my last art director says), mostly because I worked with agencies that had different needs and few people for big gigs, so I had to adapt and try to find the best solutions for the specific problem. It looks like it's an Italian thing.

And could also say that I'm professional, I work well in team and all the other stuff that people say when they make a job interview (all true, btw), but I also that I worked on various topics, from fantasy to horror, adventure, science, with various styles (realistic, cartoonish) so I can adapt my workflow if needed.

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Selected Works
Ritratto new 666